Do I need to sign up ahead of time or just show up at the weekly lessons?

  • You do not need to sign up for the lessons. Just come and pay at the door for each lesson.

What is the dress code for the weekly lessons?

  • Very casual; shorts and jeans acceptable; wear shoes that you can dance in.

What is the method of teaching for the weekly lessons?

  • Dance lessons are geared to the beginner.
  • Each month begins a new dance.
  • Dance lessons are progressive, i.e. the first week of a new dance step begins with the basics and each week builds on the previous week(s).

Do I need a partner for the lessons or dances?

  • Not at all -- most people do not have a partner.

What is the dress code for the monthly Saturday night dances?

  • All our dances are upscale casual except the December holiday dance which is semi-formal. Upscale casual is slacks and shirt for men and dressy attire for women. Please -- NO shorts, no jeans, no t-shirts, no tennis shoes at our dances.

Do I have to rotate partners at the lessons?

  • It is highly encouraged but not required.
  • Dancing with different partners will help you become a better social dancer by teaching you to adjust to the leading or following skills of others.
  • It will also make you appear less of a dance snob to other dancers.

How much dance experience is necessary?

  • Our classes are geared to the beginner. Our Saturday night dances are for all levels -- beginners to experienced dancers.

Do you sell gift certificates to your dances and lessons?

  • Yes, gift certificates are available in any denomination you wish. Ask about them at the registration table at our next dance or contact us by email.

What form of payment do you accept?

  • We accept cash and checks. We cannot accept debit or credit cards. Our boot camps and retreats have an online payment option with a credit card.